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Student Leaders

In 2015, Years 7s will make Queensland history by being the first group of that age to go to High School. Therefore, in 2014 we wish to ensure that both Year 6 and Year 7 students can access Student Leadership positions. In Term 4 2013, Year 5 and Year 6 students were invited to complete a booklet at home and at school so that they were able to nominate for a Student Leadership badge. Success in this area allowed students to nominate for Captain positions if they wished to make a speech to staff/students and parents.
Congratulations to the 17 students who successfully nominated for a Student Leadership position at Glennie Heights State School in 2014. A number of these students also received a Captain’s badge. 
Our 2014 Year 7 School Captains are:
Bryson Anderson and Lara Walker
Our 2014 Year 6 School Captains are:
Ethan Sticklen and Denietra Kuziw
Our 2014 Year 7 School Vice Captains are:
Marc Bate and Gabby Thornton
Our 2014 Year 6 School Vice Captains are:
Lachlan McKavanagh and Allysia Coulstock
Our 2014 Year 6 Astronauts House Captain is:
Jayden Clevin
Our 2014 Year 6 Meteors House Captain is:
Bailey Rossiter
Our 2014 Year 6 Satellites House Captain is:
Savanah Koteka-Hudson
Our 2014 Year 7 Student Leaders are:
Keturah Heise, Emma-Louise Radford, Bryson Anderson, Lara Walker, Marc Bate and Gabby Thornton.
Our 2014 Year 6 Student Leaders are:
Kasey Grimshaw, Jasmine Keleher, Alicia Tanner, Taha Temizer, Ethan Sticklen, Denietra Kuziw, Lachlan McKavanagh, Allysia Coulstock, Jayden Clevin, Bailey Rossiter and Savanah Koteka-Hudson